We offer a wide range of battlefield bases which make it easy to enhance the look of miniatures used in tabletop war gaming and role playing games.


  • High Quality Materials
  • Excellent Durability
  • Sharp Clean Surface Details
  • Solid Void-Free Castings
  • Large Number of Base Designs Per Style / Size
  • Superior Paint Adhesion
  • Minimal Clean Up Required

Base Styles


Diamond Plate Bases Fire and Brimstone Bases Highland Crag Round Base Icon
Lake of Sorrows Round Bases Icon Waterworks Round Bases Icon


Fire and Brimstone Square Bases Icon Highland Crag Square Bases Icon Slate Ruins Square Bases Icon


Descent into the Depths Rolled Bases Icon Docks of Despair Rolled Bases Icon Fire and Brimstone Rolled Bases Icon Highland Crag Rolled Bases Icon Lake of Sorrows Rolled Bases
Steampunk Rolled Bases Waterworks Rolled Bases

Accessories and Miscellaneous

Objective and Difficult Terrain Marker Icon Orc Shields Icon