It is the year 3985. Humanity has spread far and wide from its earthly cradle. Dark matter crystals provide vast amounts of quantum energy and enable faster than light travel; making them the key to the galaxy. Previously there was only one known source located within the Terran Empire which it used to dominate all known star systems. Now a new source has been found in the expanse, outside the Terran Empire. The once mighty Terran Empire is fighting a brutal civil war and is unable to respond to this new discovery. War erupts in the expanse as factions rush to seize control of this invaluable commodity.

Can you lead your faction’s fleets to victory or will they be crushed and your faction brought under the heel of another? Only time will tell if your strategies, tactics, and skills as a fleet commander will bring your faction victory and the chance to forge a new empire. Quantum Expanse™ is a fun fast paced space fleet miniatures game for two or more players. It features an innovative built in fog of war system, faction independent models, streamlined game mechanics, high quality models, and superior materials to make each game unique and exciting.

Take Command of your Fleet, Conquer the Expanse, and Forge a New Empire


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