Quantum Expanse Factions

Quantum Expanse Factions

Outside of the Terran Empire seven factions rule the edges of known space within the expanse. A new source of dark matter crystals has been found in the expanse and the quiet peace that had ruled for centuries between these seven powers is now shattered.

The Terran Empire’s monopoly on this invaluable commodity has ended, but which faction will control the dark matter crystals and control the expanse. No Alliance is safe. Faction borders are in constant flux as battle lines rage far and wide. Conflict sometimes rises even within the same faction as rival admirals seek to be the one to secure the dark matter first for their faction.

All that matters is that your faction stands tall at the end to build a new empire outside of the domination of the Terran Empire.


Faction Cards



Factions and Abilities

Each faction provides the player’s fleet with unique and distinct advantages which will help them vanquish their foes. Players select a faction card for the faction they wish to play during the game. The faction card identifies the advantage the faction played offers.

At the start of each game the factions for all players are unknown and are only revealed when the player uses a faction’s advantage in the game. This creates a high degree of uncertainty in each contest. It also allows players to change their play style each game making repeat games more challenging and fun.

The faction abilities enhance the abilities of the faction’s ships during battles. The flag ship for each player’s fleet provides the fleet with the faction advantages. A damaged flag bridge on the flag ship or a destroyed flag ship will prevent the faction’s abilities affecting the ships in the fleet.