Atlantean Compact

Atlantean Compact

Atlantean Compact
What is Profitable for the Syndicate
is Profitable for All
Atlantian Compact Faction Leader
Chairman Rosendo
“Highwayman” Garcia











The Atlantean Compact traces its origins to criminal syndicates established during the early stages of the Terran Empire’s formation. Compact leaders are masters of subterfuge and intrigue and play off other factions’ petty rivalries to ensure their power base. Even with the growing rift between the factions and worlds of the Expanse, the Compact has chosen to maintain solid ties and significant financial holdings within the Terran Empire.

The Compact’s enterprises both inside the Terran Empire and within the Expanse grew rapidly quickly overshadowing many of their Terran counterparts. A legitimization of its operations was deemed necessary to maintain control and protect of its vast interests, giving rise to a new syndicate government.

The Atlantean Compact’s wide reaching network of contacts and their economic clout within the Empire allows for rapid staffing of their warships by augmenting critical personnel with skilled mercenaries, resulting in an ability to field more ships in battle than any other faction in the Expanse. The sheer number of ships within the Atlantean fleets makes them a serious threat to be reckoned with.


Faction Ability

Mercenary Contracts   –   10% additional fleet points in each battle

Atlantian Compact Information

Economic Specialization:     Commercial Goods

Government Type:               Syndicate

Home World:                       Rivas