Charon Protectorate

Charon Protectorate

Atlantean Compact
The Right to Rule is 
Derived from Wealth and Power
Charon Protectorate Faction Leader
Lord Protector
Sigmund Borun











The Charon Protectorate originated from a rich tourist world which was cut off from the Terran Empire during the Empire’s Foundation War. The Protectorate was forced to abruptly shift from a tourist based economy to one dominated by agriculture and mining. Most of the poor were forced into indentured servitude.

Over time its wealth grew, but the power the Protectorate’s elite seized was never surrendered. It acquired a fleet of carriers for protection and security, leading many nearby struggling independent systems to petition the Protectorate for help. The Charon Protectorate relies heavily on projection of force through carrier warfare as a means to obtain its ends in the expanse.


Faction Ability

Force Projection   –   All Carriers Receive an Additional Hull Mounted Fighter Wing in Each Battle

Charon Protectorate Information

Economic Specialization:     Agriculture and Mining

Government Type:               Plutocracy

Home World:                       Adana