Hessian Confederation

Hessian Confederation

Hessian Confederation
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Hessian Confederation Faction Leader
Eric Clinton











The Hessian Confederation draws its origins from a minor corporation forced from the Terran Empire after suffering tremendous losses during the Terran Empire’s Foundation War. Despite settling in one of the most politically unstable regions of expanse space, their fleet allowed them to secure a foothold and form a powerful governmental base. The Confederation steered nearby independent systems, into defense and trading pacts, forming a loose coalition of states.

Over time the Hessians absorbed these lesser states and increased their authority within the Confederation, eventually becoming a dominant power within the expanse. The Confederation’s experience in defensive warfare has led them to develop superior defensive strategies and countermeasures making them a formidable opponent in the region.


Faction Ability

Defensive Countermeasures   –   Reduces the Weapon Strength of All Opponent Attacks by 1

Hessian Confederation Information

Economic Specialization:     Heavy Industries

Government Type:               Confederated States

Home World:                       Zinder