Kova-Tsai Commonwealth

Kova-Tsai Commonwealth

Kova-Tsai Commonwealth
They Key to Success in Battle
is Movement and Positioning
Kova-Tsai Commonwealth Faction Leader
Grand Admiral
Alder Rinkas Oom











The Kova-Tsai home world was destroyed during the early days of the 1st Galactic War. With no future remaining in the Empire, they scraped together what was left of their population and boarded giant sub-light colony ships bound for a paradise world in the expanse. Upon arrival, they found the world inhospitable due to the planet’s collapsed magnetic core and erratic axial tilt.

Unable to return they struggled to stay alive, surviving only by converting their colony ships into orbiting stations and by keeping vast numbers of people in suspended animation. Over time their society grew, most of the population remained in space aboard stations. The Kova-Tsai became extremely self-sufficient, excelling and adapting to life in deep space. The Commonwealth’s mobile shipboard culture led them to a specialized hit-and-run style of warfare making them dangerous opponents.


Faction Ability

Hit and Run Tactics   –   Each Ship and Fighter Wing May Move Half of its Movement Before and Half of its Movement After Combat

Kova-Tsai Commonwealth Information

Economic Specialization:     Zero G Manufacturing

Government Type:               Commonwealth

Home World:                       Darna