Pandoran Empire

Pandoran Empire

Pandoran Empire
Only the Strongest
are Fit to Lead
Pandoran Empire Faction Leader
Robert Gruber











The Pandoran Empire is a militaristic meritocracy which believes that the fittest and best warriors should rule. Their leader, a former Terran fleet commander who found the corruption and decadence of the Terran Empire unbearable, left to form a perfect society. When they arrived in the expanse they found the territory of their choice to be already taken by numerous minor factions.

They engaged in a protracted war within the region which had only recently ended in their victory. Dueling and combat by challenge has become so ingrained in their culture they have altered their fleet tactics to close in on their opponents and destroy them by devastating barrages of short range plasma and ion cannon barrages. Their fierce determination and aggressive tactics makes them powerful force within the expanse.


Faction Ability

Energy Boost – All Pandoran Ships when Using Plasma and Ion Cannons Add a +1 to Their Attack Moddifer

Pandoran Empire Information

Economic Specialization:     Personal Weaponry

Government Type:               Military Meritocracy

Home World:                       Sennar

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