Republic of Orion

Republic of Orion

Republic of Orion
All Power Originates Through the Correct
Application and Understanding of Technology
Republic of Orion Faction Leader
Davidicus Huetium











The Republic of Orion was founded during the early portions of the Great Galactic Diaspora by a small group of scientists and intellectuals, tired of the Terran Empire’s oppressive reign. After settling in the expanse the Republic leaned heavily on its skills and technical savvy to keep the wolves at bay long enough to build a strong base of operations. As its power grew other worlds joined them to form a government based on the desire to promote freedom centered on strong individual rights.

As such, each planetary member state within the Republic is completely autonomous and coordinates its actions with the other member states in all civil and military matters. The Republic’s progress in stealth research is far beyond what their competitors can muster, surpassing even the Terran Empire’s best, making them a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.


Faction Ability

Enhanced Cloaking – Opponents Apply a -2 Scan Modifier Against All Orion Stealth Counters and Orion Ships Apply a +1 When Entering Stealth

Republic of Orion Information

Economic Specialization:     Technological Goods

Government Type:               Technocratic Republic

Home World:                       Natal