Tameron Federation

Tameron Federation

Tameron Federation
The Strength of a Society is Measured
Through the Loyalty of its Peoples
Tameron Federation Faction Leader
Lord Kayla











The Tameron Federation was the last of the factions to arrive in the coreward section of the expanse, finding themselves in perhaps the most undesirable of locations surrounded by pirates and other undesirables. The Federation decided to bring law and order to this sector by any means necessary, leading to the formation of a strong feudalistic government.

Early experience taught them the value of long range weaponry, causing them to emphasize missile warfare, to engage pirate raiders deploying close range plasma and ion weapons. Within a short time the pirates were subdued and the Federation stood victorious. As time progressed, they continued to expand, absorbing worlds into their feudalistic system. Their long range first strike mentality makes them a powerful contending force within expanse space.


Faction Ability

First Strike Doctrine – Each Non-Disabled Missile Battery Adds +1 Weapon Strength During Missile Attacks

Tameron Federation Information

Economic Specialization:     Shipping

Government Type:               Feudal Dictatorship

Home World:                       Van