The Quantum Expanse™ game features a number of new innovations that we believe will revolutionize the way games of this type are played in the future.


Quantum Expanse has a built in fog of war system where the only known factors to an opponent are the number of spaceships in the battle and the location of sensor blips, represented by stealth counters, on the battlefield. What is unknown to your opponent  is the faction you are playing and the types of spaceships and their location on the battlefield. These three unknown factors make each game very interesting and unique while improving the fun and challenge of repeat games. Our stealth system handles the fog of war and hidden movement aspects of the game so well that it does not slow down game play.

In traditional tabletop war games both players know the faction they are facing, their opponents models (units), and the location of those models on the battlefield. By knowing all of this information it limits the fun of the game and makes each game very predictable. Repeat games are less attractive without major changes in the battle fought, the terrain, or in switching out the models of one faction for another.

As games in Quantum Expanse progress, more and more of the forces are revealed. This mirrors how all battles are fought and makes for games which are more challenging and fun!

Simultaneous Combat

Our simultaneous combat system prevents games from getting out of hand quickly due to initiative and very good early rolls. This evens out contests and prevents hours of time involved in game preparation and setup from being wasted when one player rolls very lucky at the start of a game. It also makes games more fun and realistic. Although simultaneous combat systems are not new, we have been able to integrate this into our game without any impact to the speed of the game.

Faction Independent Models

In traditional tabletop war games the faction chosen determines the models, or units, a player has to select from and game designer’s force the models and abilities available to that faction to fit a specific style of play. On the surface this seems like a great idea, since this makes each faction and their models different, but ultimately what it mainly accomplishes is tying a player to a set play style. The rub comes when that style of play gets old and less fun to play or worse yet the game designer decides to change the rules, for whatever reason, and the way the models function on the battlefield no longer is the same. Now the player must decide to stop playing the game, sell their models and buy, assemble, and paint new models, acquire another set of models on top of the first set, or live with the changes.

By breaking the models away from the faction Quantum Expanse frees the player from a set faction and allows them to choose any faction in the game. All faction in Quantum Expanse™ draw their warships from the same source, from the corporations within the Terran Empire. So a change in play style is as easy as selecting and playing a different faction card prior to the game starting. The faction chosen provides the faction’s unique special ability. This also allows for the factions played to be unknown which simulates the all out warfare found in Quantum Expanse and makes games more fun and interesting. It also eliminates the need for a player to sell off old models and acquire new models. Another benefit is that it prevents the rock-paper-scissors effect that most tabletop war games have created where faction “A” nearly always dominates faction “B” and faction “B” easily wipes out faction “C”, and faction “C” trumps faction “A”.

Model Design Features

Our spaceship and other models feature a number of items that makes them unique. Each spaceship model has uniform features that define the center of the ship, the sides of the ship, and the weaponry that ship employs. This eliminates the need for special templates to determine firing arcs, hit locations, and the spaceship’s exact position on the battlefield. All Quantum Expanse spaceships are designed to be used resting directly on the playing surface or are capable of using a display stand depending on the preference of the players. The ships are cast in a high quality industrial resin which makes them very resistance to damage while still providing some flex so that they are not brittle. The ships are delivered as a single void free solid piece of resin, although from time-to-time a very small micro bubble(s) may be present on the surface of the ship, the ships can easily be modified sanded, drilled without fear of hitting trapped bubbles. Our special vacuum/pressure casting process ensures that all of the resin fills the mold fully so that all of the fine details are captured in each part.

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