Quantum Expanse Game

What is Quantum Expanse?

Quantum Expanse™ is a space fleet miniatures game for two or more players. Each player takes on the role of a faction admiral seeking to lead their fleet to victory. Each faction provides its fleet with unique advantages in each contest. Battles are fought on a flat playing surface with ship models and counters. All ships and factions have their own color stat card. Player’s seek to win by eliminating the opposing ships, flag ship, or by achieving the scenario’s victory condition. Quantum Expanse™ uses ship models, fighter wing counters, stealth counters, faction cards, ship stat cards, stellar object markers, a small tape measure or similar measuring tool, and six sided dice.

How is this Game Different than Other Miniature Games?

The difference between Quantum Expanse™ and other miniature games centers around its innovative fog of war system and faction independent models. Both of these innovations make every game completely unique and make each game more fun and enjoyable.

Unlike other miniature games, all aspects of a Quantum Expanse™ game are hidden at the start of each battle. This includes all players factions, their ships and ship types in the battle, and their ship locations. Stealth counters are used to mask the types of ships in the battle and their position and all faction and ship cards are hidden, face down, at the start of the game creating a fog of war where all that can be seen of the opponent are the stealth counters representing radar screen contacts. Players may launch additional stealth drones to add additional dummy stealth counters to the battle. Our fog of war system allows for hidden movement and unpredictability, making games more fun and challenging. Only after the game has begun and players start to reveal their ships and factions through scans and other activities is the composition and makeup of each fleet known.

All models in Quantum Expanse™ are faction independent. This allows players to change their faction by playing a different faction card at the start of a battle, allowing for a complete change of play style where other miniature games require purchasing and filling out units from a new faction to change your play style.  This also protect the investments in time and money a player has made in their ships and other models.


Ship Models and Ship Stat Cards

Ship miniatures represent the ship’s location and orientation on the battlefield. The ship models are designed with identifying features common to all ships showing the center point, nodes (which define the ship sides), weapon systems, and subsystems. Models range in size from just over an inch in length to over 5 inches in length. The ships vary in size and configuration. There are four types of ships in the game. Escort ship types provide the fleet’s main scouting, stealth support, and defensive capabilities. The Cruiser ship types are well rounded performing much the same roles as the escort types, but at a lesser capacity, while fielding larger weapons and armor. The capital ship types are the primary warships of the fleet with the largest weapons and the most armor. The carrier ship types carry fighter wings that allow them to project a great deal of firepower on the battlefield, but are less armored than the capital type ships.

Each ship in Quantum Expanse™ comes with its own full color ship stat card. The ship stat cards are used to indicate each ships capabilities and damage levels during the game. The ship statcards also define the number of sides each ship has as well as the amount of armor, decks, and weapon/ship systems located on each ship side. They also indicate the cost in fleet points to bring that ship into the battle and its speed, scanning ability, weapon strength, morale, damage control, and if that ship is capable of acting as the flag ship for the fleet. Damage a ship has taken is marked on the ship stat card, making it way to track each ship’s current battle readiness.

claymore-model     ship-card-front-back







Factions and Faction Cards

Each faction in Quantum Expanse™ has a unique ability to affect the play of the game. The faction selection remains hidden at the start of the game. The faction abilities are described in the lower section of the faction card. Faction abilities affect all ships within that player’s fleet. The player may choose to use their faction’s ability at any time during the game round. If a faction ability is used the faction card is revealed and turned over.

Quantum Expanse manual and faction cards


Quantum Expanse™ Historical Timeline

This timeline details the major events from the rise of corporate power to the discovery of dark matter crystals through the formation of the Terran Empire and leading up to the war in the Expanse.

Year   Event

2085    World Governments Weaken as Corporate Power Grows
2103    Corporations Tap Resources within Solar System
2147    Inertia-less Drive Discovered Allowing Sub-Light Interstellar Travel
2162    Corporate Colonization of Solar System
2184    Corporate Expeditions Sent to Nearby Stars
2192    Corporate Power Eclipses Governmental Power
2254    Corporate Colony Worlds Founded
2271    Earth Bound Governments Collapsing
2288    Corporate Take Over Failing Governments
2318    1st Galactic Renaissance (2318 to 2391)
2452    Exploration and Settlement Slows
2459    Corporate Infighting Begins
2643    Dark Matter Crystals Discovered in the Epsilon Indi System
2645    Quantum Energy Extracted from Dark Matter Crystals Beginning Quantum Energy Era
2651    Worlds Convert to Quantum Energy
2657    Quantum Energy Consortium Formed
2674    Quantum Engine Developed Enabling Faster-than-Light (FTL) Interstellar Travel
2683    Alliance Formed to Combat the Quantum Energy Consortium’s Growing Power
2725    Terran Empire’s Formation War (2725 to 2732)
2733    Terran Empire Formed by the Quantum Energy Consortium
2755    2nd Galactic Renaissance (2755 to 3211)
3416    1st Galactic War (3416 to 3599)
3468    Groups Flee Away from the Terran Empire to the Expanse Causing the Great Galactic Diaspora (3468 to 3512)
3605    The Terran Empire Turns Inward and Growth Slows
3782    Renegade Corporations Secretly Stock Pile Dark Mater Crystals and Armaments
3964    2nd Galactic War Begins as Rival Corporations seek to Overthrow the Terran Empire (3964 to Present)
3672    Dark Matter Crystals Discovered in the Expanse within the Vega System
3973    Swift Militarization of the Expanse Begins
3985    Factions in the Expanse Start the Quantum Expanse War to Gain Control of the Vega System (3985 to Present)


Terran Empire and Expanse Faction Borders

Terran Empire and Quantum Expanse Faction Borders