50mm x 100mm Highland Crag Bases (1 pcs)


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These quality 50mm x 100mm resin chariot bases create a craggy highland or mountainous scenic environment showing realistic jutting rock outcroppings, each base is unique with different scenic elements such as, with weathered, sloped, jagged, layers, and striations.

They are well suited for use with all gaming miniature products in any game setting including fantasy, sci-fi, cyber-punk, etc. They are an excellent choice for Warhammer army commanders seeking to set their troops apart of create a unique setting for their troops or to create a unique backdrop for that special miniature for D&D, Pathfinder, or any other role playing game.

This item includes one randomly selected 50mm x 100mm highland crag chariot bases. As with all of ForgeCraft Games resin parts, these 50mm x 100mm resin chariot bases are precision pressure cast for void free castings.

This set is produced in the USA and is delivered as gray cast unpainted bases and may require some very minor flashing removal and cleaning prior to painting. Some flocking was added to represent vegetation around the highland rock outcroppings.

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Highland Crag


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