Sparrow Class Corvette Spaceship Model (1 pcs)



The Sparrow class corvette spaceship is a sleek fast fleet escort scout ship. Its highly accurate dual sensor systems allow it to scan and detect multiple unknown ships at very long ranges. The Sparrow is armed with a small torpedo launcher allowing it to engage other spaceships and fighter wings. Their dual scanner array and small torpedo launcher make them highly prized scout ships and fleet escorts.

This package includes 1 Sparrow class corvette spaceship model and 1 Sparrow class corvette stat card.

Each Sparrow class corvette spaceship model is 1.39” in length, 0.70” in width, with a height of 0.36”.

All Quantum Expanse™ spaceship models have identifying features which eliminate the need for firing templates and identify the ships exact location. The ship stat cards are printed on heavy card stock in full color on each side and are UV coated to protect their surfaces. The stat cards detail each ship’s combat capabilities during the battle and allow for recording of battle damage.

All spaceship models are made of resin and are unpainted. We recommend that each spaceship model is cleaned in warm soapy water and primed before painting.

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