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The Armada package is the ultimate starter fleet or fleet expansion. It is designed for one player to play a massive battle or two players to play a very large engagement. It includes everything necessary to play Quantum Expanse with the exception of standard six sided dice (sold separately). The Armada package is a great way to learn to play Quantum Expanse and is the ultimate building block for future space fleet expansion and spaceship purchases.

The Armada package is the only fleet package to include at least one of each Quantum Expanse spaceship model.

The Armada package includes a 36 page full color Quantum Expanse rule book, 66 spaceship models, 66 ship stat cards, 2 sets of faction cards (14 in total), 14 fighter wing cards, 88 stealth and 66 fighter wing color cardboard counters.

Quantum Expanse ships included in this package are five Pioneer class corvettes, five Sparrow class corvettes, four Ghost class frigates, four Razor class frigates, four Eagle class destroyers, four Maverick class destroyers, two Chimera class light cruisers, two Leopard class light cruisers, two Rapier class light cruisers, two Centurion class cruisers, two Hydra class cruisers, two Triumph class cruisers, two Anubis class battlecruisers, one Falcon class battlecruiser, one Knight class battlecruiser, one Avenger class battleship, one Griffon class battleship, one Raptor class battleship, one Tornado class battleship, two Claymore class dreadnaughts, one Reaper class dreadnaught, one Typhoon class dreadnaught, one Maelstrom class titan, one Sentinel class titan, six Hammer class light carriers, six Pegasus class carriers, and two Vengeance class heavy carriers.

All Quantum Expanse spaceship models have identifying features which eliminate the need for firing templates and identify the ships exact location. The ship stat cards are printed on heavy card stock in full color on each side and are UV coated to protect their surfaces. The stat cards detail each ship’s combat capabilities during the battle and allow for recording of battle damage. The Quantum Expanse rule book is travel sized, 7″ tall x 5″ wide, making it easier to bring to each battle.

All spaceship models are made of resin and are unpainted. We recommend that each spaceship model is cleaned in warm soapy water and primed before painting.

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