Stealth Counters (10 pcs)



Stealth counters are used in Quantum Expanse to create a fog of war setting at the start of each battle. Stealth counters may represent either a deployed spaceship on the battlefield or a stealth drone. This ensures that no player knows the starting positions of the opposing fleets. Stealth counters, when coupled with the hidden faction card and hidden spaceship stat cards, creates three levels of unknown factors for each game making each game more interesting and unique while improving the fun or replayed games.

This package includes 10 Quantum Expanse stealth counters.

Stealth counters are required to play Quantum Expanse.

One stealth counter is needed for each ship deployed in the battle, two additional stealth counters for each frigate’s stealth drones, and one additional stealth counter for each light cruiser’s stealth drone.

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