Stair Object Cling Sheet Layout

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Stair Object Cling Sheet Layout

Quickly add single or multi-level stairs, spiral stairs, or ladders to any game tile to create additional levels to your dungeon or role playing game environment. The stone or wood stair clings will work equally as well with fantasy, modern, or sci-fi games. The 9″ x 12″ high resolution color cling sheet is packed full of stone and wood stairs and platforms of varying sizes and shapes, two sizes of stone spiral stairways leading either up or down, and a series of ladders.

Each cling object is beautifully rendered in a high resolution color format and are individually die cut. To use, simply peel the cling object off it’s backer sheet and place the cling object on a tile sheet or another cling object. Adding depth and detail to your game environment. Additionally the cling object can be drawn on with a wet or dry erase marker to add additional fine detail to the players. The objects remain in place until you are ready to move them. The cling objects are very light weight and store flat making them very easy to store and transport. Between games either leave the cling object on the game tile or remove them and replace them on the cling sheet backer.

Cling Object Advantages:

        • High Resolution Color Graphics
        • Wet and Dry Erasable
        • Individually Die Cut
        • Stackable & Reusable
        • Remain in Place Until Moved